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Our CO2 network powered by renewable resources and waste heat provides the most dense and efficient district heating and cooling solution. Unlike conventional thermal networks using water, we leverage low-temperature carbon dioxide as a working fluid in a closed circuit. This increases energy transport efficiency and allows the use of smaller, flexible pipes that can save up to 60% in installation time and cost, reducing noise and air pollution. In addition, compared to fossil fuel-based systems we can save up to 80% in primary energy. 

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How it Works

Consisting of a two-pipe system, liquid and vapor CO2 flows bidirectionally optimizing energy supply and demand between users, suppliers, and the environment in any climate zone. Compatible with existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, such as direct heat pumps, heat exchangers, decentralized heat pumping or refrigeration units, our network supply energy to the interconnected buildings using CO2 phase change. In addition, recovering local waste energy, we unlock synergies between homes and buildings promoting circular economy to accelerate our planet’s race to net zero. 

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